The Blackfish has influenced an industry. All the top race board manufacturers now offer a design similar to the famed Blackfish. Since 2014 Dave Boehne has been developing this planing hull concept with Slater Trout and the team and now in 2018 everyone is playing catch up. Blackfish comes standard with Larry Allison/Probox 4 fin set up.

The design is a planning hull hybrid and is able to paddle in all conditions. Where Blackfish shines is in the elements. Ocean, upwind, downwind, chop, in and out of surf. The stability is built in through the outline and innovative concave design. The planing hull rides on top of the water rather than parting it away like a displacement hull. This makes for very fast get up and go and higher max sprint speeds. “Like skipping a stone” Blackfish likes to sprint and take off from the line. 2018 gained even more stability allowing riders to size down in width and continue to push the speed limits. If you paddle mostly in the ocean or in a flat-water area that has lots of boat traffic and/or changing seasons and conditions Blackfish is for you and will be ready.

Kai Lenny
Shae Foudy
Candice Appleby

New design, new possibilities! We introduce you to the all-new Downtown downwind, choppy waters board. Two versions for the people. Traditional flat deck and new “dugout” versions.

Dave Boehne developed the Downtown with paddlers that have lots of experience riding the bumps. Toby Cracknell (5th Place M20) and Braly Joy (9th Island, formerly SIC) had lots of input and feedback regarding this design. The design started with a baseline of Steve Boehne’s timeless downwind rocker then the team built the board from that point up. Outline is a classic wide point forward shape with a pulled in mini square tail. This allows stability and early entry into bumps while forward grinding and maneuverability and release in the back. Mini squaretail releases like a dream and does not get pushed around in the side chop. High rails for stability and hard edges for quick surfy release. The nose has rocker to slip into the curves and rise up in between bumps for longer gliding. A simple single concave keeps the board lively in between bumps and makes it a pleasure to paddle when it’s flat.

All of these features make this an incredible downwind board as well as a choppy ocean board. The large volume nose of the “dugout” version is incredible in the big chop and flies upwind. Don’t be surprised to see this board under the team’s feet in the ugly stuff.

Dave Boehne has been working tirelessly with Larry Allison on this concept and are proud to offer Allison twin fin option and ProBox fins systems on all Infinity race boards. Adding the probox twins and front ventral option gives your Infinity unmatched customization and limitless versatility. You can ride your board as a traditional single fin, twin, or thruster all with or without a front ventral fin. And when the boxes are not in use we have custom “floater” plugs that sit in the box for no drag.

The concept is simple. Shallower fins for quicker release and responsive “get up and go” feel per stroke. You can add the front ventral for incredible tracking and added projection. The third fin thruster option adds extra shallow area for added traction. Sprint faster, glide longer, with less effort. Simply put it’s the most simplest way to add Horse Power, tracking, and stability to your board.

Everyone can benefit from this concept from Elite racers looking for custom ride advantages in different conditions to everyday paddlers looking for ultimate versatility. Why limit your board to a single option? Feel the difference.

Key advantages:

  • Shallower fins means less drag and quicker get up and go.
  • Smaller Multi fins adds same surface area as 1 traditional single fin but with less drag.
  • Twins force water to the center of the board adding lift and enhancing forward tracking.
  • Twins projecting from the rail adds stability from side to side.
  • Front ventral adds unbelievable tracking and stability in side chop, swell, and cross wind.