The blackfish is the “All-Around” king and has influenced an industry with the original Dave Boehne “planning hull” surf concepts applied to SUP race designs.

This board showed it’s versatility on the world stage with Kai Lenny and Shae Foudy both taking 1st in flat water sprints, Shae in the flat water distance as well at the APP World Tour London and taking 1st Place in mixed conditions at the APP World Tour NYC event and in the ocean surf at the Pacific Paddle Games with Candice Appleby on board. Blackfish is the fastest board off the line, stable in all conditions, and a true one board quiver to conquer anything mother nature throws at you.

Many top board manufacturers have adopted the center channel concept originally developed by Infinity in 2014 and now with input from Kai Lenny, Slater Trout, Shae Foudy and Candice everyone is still playing catch up. This Blackfish is like no other and features a completely re-designed bottom concept which takes the DNA of the Blackfish to the next level.

The bottom is a planning hull hybrid and is able to paddle in all conditions. The stability is built through the outline. The bottom features a rolled hull framing an “inverse vee” panel that releases cleanly off the lowered centerline vee concave. The planning hull rides on top of the water rather than parting it. This makes for a very fast get up and go higher max sprint speeds. “Like skipping a stone” Blackfish likes to sprint off the line. If you paddle mostly in the ocean or a flat water area that gets changing seasons and conditions Blackfish is for you and will be ready.

This year we are offering a Limited Edition (LTD) pro style construction for those who are looking for an ultra light raceboard.

12.6 X 23 236L
12.6 X 25 256L
14 X 23 265L
14 X 24 293L
14 X 25 306L
14 X 27 330L



This board design is intended for choppy waters, paddling downwind, as well as upwind. The Downtown excels in downwind bump riding, cross chop navigation and upwind grinding. Although a specialty board, many people have adopted the Downtown as their everyday board for offshore stability.

The design started with a baseline of Steve Boehne’s timeless downwind rocker then the team built the board from that point up. Outline is a classic wide point forward shape with a pulled in mini square tail. This allows stability and early entry into bumps while forward grinding and maneuverability and release in the back. Mini square tail releases like a dream and sits tall so it does not get pushed around in the side chop. Extremely high rails for side to side stability and hard edges for quick surfy release. The nose has rocker to slip into the curves and rise up in between bumps for longer gliding. A subtle bottom with entry contours and soft roll that blends into a slight single concave keeps the board lively in between bumps and makes it a pleasure to paddle when it’s flat.

This board is offered in both a “dugout” and traditional “flatdeck” options.

14 X 24 270L
14 X 25.5 287L
14 X 27 312L