Infintree - Shae Foudy

WELCOME TO THE TEAM /// Shae Foudy from InfinitySURF on Vimeo.

Shae was the original “new kid on the block”. Steadily moving up the ranks as a Pro Jr. Shae announced herself to the world by taking the overall win over legends Candice Appleby and Annabelle Anderson at the 2015 Santa Monica Pier Challenge then later in the year cementing her status with the worlds elite by taking 3rd in the distance race and a 4th overall for the day at the Pacific Paddle Games.

After a quiet season on the sidelines we brought Shae on to the Infintree team and she came out with a bang in her “comeback” race the 2017 Pacific Paddle Games. Taking an overall 3rd Place on the weekend and an impressive 2nd Place in the technical final.

Shae is back and is ready to take her act on the world stage. Infinity is proud to be on her journey. The Shae Foudy Era is upon us…

Insider Info
Home: Dana Point,

CA Surf Spot: Doheney, Sano, Strands

Food: Anything Vegan and Fresh

Other Interests: Longboarding, Beach Days and Fitness