The Rad Noserider has been quoted: my favorite board ever by thousands of surfers. The deep half-length nose concave creates incredible nose rides and the sweet spot rocker with aggressive V-bottom offers smooth zigzag turns.

This board has beveled rails around the concave for edge control, tucked edge rails for fast response and our famous Cluster Fin set up for projection out of bottom turns. We offer the fins as a convertible set up to switch from 2+1 to Cluster to Single fin for ultimate versatility. Our hand-shaped boards are available in polyester or eps/epoxy and in any length or thickness.

The Retro Rad Noserider 

This is a more classic version of the Rad, it has the same high-performance bottom, but with a wider, curvier pintail and a single fin for those who prefer a more classic look and feel, but want to keep that wonderful Rad performance. You can see it HERE.