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3'10'' x 19 3/4'' x 31.6L



Tombstone Foil Surf

Foil boards have progressed quickly in the last 12 months and avid foilers know they need a quiver of boards now. We custom build them to meet the specs of each rider. Short thick wide ones for surfing, tow-ats, and behind the boat. Longer ones for those long paddles back out to the line up and SUP and Winging applications.

You can retro fit any surfboard to a foilboard but we have learned there are specific design attributes to help you catch waves easier, more forgiving when “touch downs” occur, volume distribution to compensate for the weight of the foil, and correct angle of attack from foil to board.

Our Tombstone FOIL boards can be built in Poly, EPS, or Varial foams and all are reinforced with High Density foam inserts and a tied in stringer system so no fin box blowouts.

Ultra Light EPS

This build is the lightest we can make a board. It’s still quite strong being that it’s entire skin is premium Carbon fiber. If you want the ultimate lightest board possible without fin box blowouts, this is the construction for you.

1 lb Stringerless EPS

Full Carbon Fiber layup w/ 4oz E-glass reinforcement

HD PVC foam fin box insert