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STINGFISH 6'4" X 21" X 3 3/4"

Story of the StingFish

Back in the 70s, we found that twin fins turned quicker than single fins and we are hot on the design from the get-go. Twin fin concept was two large rail fins that had a tow that pointed at the nose. This made for quicker turns but in some cases when going straight they would tend to drift a little because the board doesn't know which fin to follow.

By experimenting, I found that if I shaped a double concave between the fins that it also created a keel with the stringer. These boards seemed to have much better directional control + the benefit of more power and acceleration from the combination.

Eventually, I extended the stringer past the tail of the board about an inch increasing the keel length. This reminded us of a stingray so we called the design the STING FISH. I then made a nice logo and it became one of our most popular designs of this era. However, in the late 70s, the three fin thruster set up was introduced and the world shifted. We forgot about the sting fish for 30 years. Now with the twin fin movement and a more open-minded approach to board designs, I happen to stumble upon these original designs!

When they hit the shop we were stoked that a few of the team guys were stoked and wanted to ride them. We ended up selling out of the first run. Most have said "This is the best twin fin I have ever ridden, the power and acceleration of the double concaves is great and the positive feel of the keel just improves the twin fin performance.

We now do the StingFish as a twin or quad fin. In the longboards we call is the double-barrel SHOTGUN.

-Steve Boehne

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