HIGH 5 6'0"


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6'0" X 21 1/2" X 2 5/8" X 34.7L

This is a thinner, narrower, step up version of our famed 5F model.

People love the 5F so much they tend to ride it all the time, including when the conditions might not be the best match.

Compared to the 5F, the High5 has a thinner foil and curvier rocker. The tail features a step in the outline behind the bump to quickly take out unwanted volume for response and bite.

Ride this board 4-6" shorter than standard.

Many 5F lovers have been replacing the standard short board with this model.

Size this board approx 4-6" shorter, 1/2-3/4" wider and keep the same thickness as your standard performance shortboard.