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The Automatic has been a staple design and backbone of our high-performance shortboard shapes.

A constant refinement from Dan Boehne the design continues to evolve.

A fine-tuned rocker curve with an extra flip in the tail. Deep single concave and thin foil make this the ‰ÛÏgo-to‰۝ design for good waves.

Hollow waves, point waves, airs, finners, barrels are all in the arsenal.

This is our most popular high-performance design. We also offer the Automatic in a ‰ÛÏsmall‰۝ step down version to complete the competition quiver.

Below is a list of standard Dims to give you a baseline. We can custom adjust dims if you want to get specific with the design.

Learn more about the design in the video below.

Standard Dims Automatic:

5‰۪6‰Û_ x 18 3/8‰Û_ x 2 1/16‰Û_ (21.5L)

5‰۪8‰Û_ x 18 3/8‰Û_ x 2 1/8‰Û_ (23L)

5‰۪9‰Û_ x 18 1/2‰Û_ x 2 3/16‰Û_ (24.5L)

5‰۪10‰۝ x 18 5/8‰Û_ x 2 1/4‰Û_ (25.5L)

5‰۪11‰۝ x 18 7/8‰Û_ x 2 5/16‰Û_ (27L)

6‰Û_ x 19‰Û_ x 2 3/8‰Û_ x (28.5L)

6‰۪1‰Û_ x 19 1/8‰Û_ x 2 7/16‰Û_ x (29.5L)

6‰۪2‰Û_ x 19 1/4‰Û_ x 2 1/2‰Û_ x (31L)

6‰۪4‰Û_ x 19 3/4‰Û_ x 2 5/8‰Û_ x (34.5L)

6‰۪6‰Û_ x 20‰Û_ x 2 3/4‰Û_ x (37.5L)

Standard Dims Auto Small:

5‰۪6‰Û_ x 19‰Û_ x 2 1/4‰Û_ (24L)

5‰۪8‰Û_ x 19 1/4‰Û_ x 2 5/16‰Û_ (26L)

5‰۪9‰Û_ x 19 3/8‰Û_ x 2 5/16‰Û_ (27.5L)

5‰۪10‰۝ x 19 1/2‰Û_ x 2 3/8‰Û_ (28.5L)

5‰۪11‰۝ x 19 3/4‰Û_ x 2 3/8‰Û_ (29.5L)

6‰Û_ x 20‰Û_ x 2 1/2‰Û_ (32L)

6‰۪1‰Û_ x 20 1/4‰Û_ x 2 5/8‰Û_ (34L)

6‰۪2‰Û_ x 20 1/2‰Û_ x 2 5/8‰Û_ (35L)